Deston the BookMaster BRAW was a webmanga made by me, Nikku4211, during 2014-2016.

It's about a boy named Deston who is a part of the "The Master" tribe, and is with his computer console assistant.
He makes lots of enemies and friends over ti--, wait, scratch that. I don't know what I was thinking.

I made this a long time ago, when I was having fun with Google Slides.
Due to the limits Google Slides had compared to PowerPoint, this...thing is more a webcomic, though it has very simple animation, it's literally just very simple.
Things move in, things move out, things spin, but nothing to make an actual animation, with the exception being occasional GIFs.

Yeah... everything was improvised. I didn't work out a script, I just thought (or really randomly decided) about what would happen next. And it shows.
And yes, his computer console assistant is BMO from Adventure Time, and his enemies are literally random. Did I mention this was improvised?