So some of you might be wondering, "Why?"

  Well, I noticed how crappy my previous layout is. Things were unorganised, there was an awful juxtaposition of chaos and repetition, the layout is hard to navigate, etc. I decided to try to improve my layout. This might not look like the early 2000's anymore, but I've decided to put good web design over nostalgia. I won't submit to current web design trends, I'll just try to organise everything a bit more and maybe use some colour theory. For those who admired the old layout, I'm going to replace the old layout, so I'm sorry. You can always use internet archives such as the "WayBack Machine" or Archive.Is, to archive this website if you like the old layout so much. Maybe you can try to improve it in your own way. Who knows? I might even add the option of selecting alternate layouts.

So for now, this will be where new stuff will go, and the old stuff will be reorganised as well.
R.I.P. Old 1034co layout.
2015 - 2017