Written by Nikku4211 at September 7th, 2015

Back then, I was a kid. I played on VirtualNES, when looking for online video games. I played it in school, had no problems.

I continued to play it. It was really cool how they embedded those games into webpages.
I played it years later. After that, I went to play more later, and I didn't find a webpage linking to games or sister sites.
I found an expired domain.
Seriously. Here's the link to it if you want proof.

What happened?
I thought I got the domain wrong, but later, when I searched VirtualNES, it didn't even pop up in the results!

I can't believe it. The website I went to play games in, it's now expired!

What happened?
Did the people get sued by Nintendo or something?
(Why? The NES is discontinued. Oh wait, Virtual Console.)
Did they become too poor to run the site?
(Cheap lamers.)
Did they forget about the site?
(What else do they do?)
What happened?

Where else do I play NES games without any download?
The knockoffs aren't as good, and downloading an emulator and ROMs puts me in virus risk!
What a crapload of events!

R.I.P. VirtualNES
200X - 2015
You were awesome.
You got taken down.