Written by Nikku4211 at 17 May, 2017

My Thoughts On Neocities' Net Neutrality Plan

Neocities is a web host. It's hosting my website. Neocities is also pro-net neutrality. Very much so.

So much so, they "fight for it."

Net neutrality is the right for all data on the internet to be treated equally.

Neocities has a plan for anyone in the US Senate, the FCC, the White House, and a Trump hotel.

It is a ridiculously overpriced, ridiculously limited plan that is actually real.

It's not even a joke.

You know what's bad? It's the people in there's only option. No, seriously.

I'm not against net neutrality, but I can understand why the USA government is.

The internet is huge. It's gigantic, and general-purpose. People can put any file in it. People can even put leaked classified information in it, especially about the government.

This is what concerns the government, as it is dangerous, and anyone with a computer and a good internet connection can find it, even if it's leaked in the deep web. You know, the part of the web where they sell illegal drugs, have hitman services, have websites of extremely insane cults even worse than Scientology, etc.

I know Neocities is just a web host, and it's just a privately owned company, but this is still bad.

And you know what's even worse? The web host does this for anyone in the Senate, FCC, White House, and a Trump hotel. Yes, even the Trump hotels.

Seriously, if you booked a room in a Trump hotel, and you wanted to register an account for Neocities on the available computers, this stupid plan that exists because agenda is your only option.

I don't know if this is common sense, but not everyone that books a room in a Trump hotel is anti-net neutrality. Some people don't care about net neutrality or what Trump, as the president, has to say, and they see the Trump hotels as just a hotel. I'm pretty sure some people in the FCC, Senate, and the White House just don't have a position in net neutrality either.

In case the people who run Neocities see this, I will say this again. I'm not against net neutrality at all.

I'm for the freedom of speech, so I hope my opinion is respected by the people who run Neocities and not considered "bigoted".

Just in case, I will download my site onto my computer.

For anyone in a Trump hotel who wants a site on Neocities, I don't blame you, I think there's at least one way to avoid this.

1. Register before you go.

This is for anyone who is planning to book a room in a Trump hotel or visit the White House right now. Register outside of there.

2. Bring your own computer. (?)

Again, for people who are planning right now. The article says the IPs of the computers of the government and the Trump hotels are supposed to be on the blacklist. This doesn't include any computers that don't belong to there.

3. Use a VPN. (?)

If you didn't bring your own computers, than I hope you're not out of luck. I don't know if you can install a VPN in those computers, but if you can, I'm 55% sure it would work. VPNs are what allows me to go to YouTube in my school without being blocked. I hope they work in the Trump hotels and White House computers.

So that's my thoughts on this plan. I'm not against net-neutrality, I just respect the opinions of those who do, and I can understand. I'm really neutral to net-neutrality.